Why I love Trade Gothic

It always seems harder to design for yourself, don’t you think? Since you know the “client” so well there is just so much you want to communicate. You want others to instantly see you as you see yourself (or at least how you want to be seen). I have been chipping away at this for years, looking for something that unifies my design sensibilities, classic with an approachable and witty charm that demonstrates an appreciation for the handmade (yep, I’m incredibly classic, approachable, witty and charming, so…).

Trade Gothic has been a go to  for me for a long time, and while I hate to generalize, it seems always to work. I see it, and it makes me feel secure. If my dad is reading this and sees that I am garnering security from a typeface, he will reference Temple Grandin–”you should probably build yourself a hug machine.” Ha!

I’ve been slapping a simple rectangle OLD MADE all over the place, to see it in practice and it just feels right.

To that end, there seems only one possible choice for OLD MADE–Trade Gothic.

“Trade Gothic does not display as much unifying family structure as other popular sans-serif font families, but this dissonance adds a bit of earthy naturalism to its appeal.”

A few examples of how I’ve worked with Trade Gothic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See how it can shift from elegant to utilitarian. Like people who look just as stylish à la mode as they do in jeans and t-shirts and always like themselves. Yep, OLD MADE is Trade Gothic.

Coming soon… OLD MADE silkscreened sew-in tags for my knits!



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2 responses to “Why I love Trade Gothic

  1. Terri Roush

    This makes me want to get out my dust covered knitting needles and start creating once again, or at least find someone I know (hhmmm-mmm) to knit for me. Love the simplicity and elegance of Trade Gothic. Thanks for the inspiration.

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