I Just Want To Knit

Don’t you?
I mean, just plain mindless knitting.  I wish I had a sweater on the needles and could just go around and around. No purling, no switching needles, no thought. My next project was to be a cardigan that is mostly stockinette but all that purling back sounds, eh I don’t know. I’m just not into it at the moment.

I cast on a few stitches with my coffee this morning with no particular plan in mind. Been picking it up here and there all day and knitting a few garter stitch rows (all knitting, no purling). I think this is the first time I’ve ever just knit to knit. Maybe it will turn into a scarf or something. Who knows. For now I’m content just knitting back and forth, clearing my head until the perfect project sings her siren song. Maybe something in garter stitch…

I’ve had my eye on the Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Rorschach Jacket forever. Every winter I reach for it. The perfect cozy sweater to thrown on. I bought the yarn at WEBS about 2 years ago and have yet to make it. You see, near as I can tell, this cardigan requires a bit of brain power on the part of the knitter. EZ was the ultimate knitter. She wanted us to be real knitters too. She fit all the stereotypical tropes. She’s motherly yet firm and uses words like “pithy” her gray hair swept up into a bun.  When you read her words the image of the craggy old spinster, the old maid is transformed. You see her as a maker–period. This is a person you want to watch work. A person of strong character whose ingenuity is astonishing, who is constantly evolving her methods and passing them on to others  in a way that forces us to be creative and thoughtful, not just knock out patterns by rote. Real knitters. The knitting itself isn’t so difficult (the Rorschach is all garter stitch) but written instructions are almost non-existent (pithy, indeed!). Yet somehow you come out of her instruction with a beautiful classic sweater or maybe a warm pair of cheerful mittens that feel all  your own. A real sense of accomplishment. She was a true craftsperson.

A gorgeous version of the
 Rorschach Jacket from Blue Garter.
Read more about it here.

Knit One Knit All from
Schoolhouse PressA book Of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Garter Stitch Designs. I think this is going to be a must have. 


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