Fantasy Island

Plain English, Osea Kitchen as seen on Remodelista

Good morning and happy Saturday. Just having some coffee and flipping through a new cookbook I got for my birthday. Tomorrow I’m going to brunch at a friend’s house and feel like making something good to bring along. I’m imagining settling in for a day in a kitchen like this. Plenty of room to spread out and read the paper. Maybe knit a little while waiting for water to boil. Pull a Grandma Betty and put each ingredient in it’s very own little dish. My Grandma Betty notoriously used twice as many dishes then necessary for every meal. She couldn’t cook, but man could she set a table. She instilled a pretty desperate love of dishes to almost everyone in the family. The Bumsteads (and us Joneses) can not be trusted around a Bauer bowl. Yes, this is pretty close to my dream kitchen. Even an attached workroom for blocking sweaters and clothes line for drying hand knit socks. Pretty great.

This kitchen obviously needs this chair from Sit and Read. Can’t you just see it off in the corner in a patch of sun? Ahhhhh.


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