For Eyes

See Old Made knit in her glasses (an OM work in progress)

Me in my glasses over the years. It’s been a rocky relationship.

As a lifelong glasses wearer I can tell you that for me, glasses represent the ultimate struggle between form and function. They sit smack on your face and pretty much run the show in terms of a first impression whether you want them to or not. Be they bold and flashy or quiet…understated, they always make some kind of statement. Your choice in eyewear plays a role in determining how people see you and really says a lot about how you see yourself. I’d say glasses are one notch away from a face tattoo. If you’ve ever been photographed in your totally awesome glasses, you better believe those babies will pop-up on facebook decades later with some unsolicited comments Re: your short-sighted choice.

Exhibit A:
Whatever! YOU try picking out frames when you’re blind as a bat.
And yes, I realize there are many offenses in this photo and the glasses are not singularly to blame. BUT STILL! Everyone’s a critic. 

Ok, Ok. Yes, I’ve made a few missteps. The thing is, blindly following trends has never worked for me (you like those big pink numbers?). There are people that can pull off the craziest sh*t while blindfolded and come out unscathed. I love them, I’m endlessly inspired by them and sometimes wish I were more that way.  But, I’m slowly learning that trying to be something you aren’t does nothing to instill confidence or style. I’m all for reinventing oneself , but  you gotta do it like you mean it, or don’t do it. Picking out frames is a task that requires some confidence on the part of the wearer. You need to be able to maintain a clear vision of what it is you’re looking for, be prepared to accept responsibility for  your choice for all eternity and most importantly to be yourself whomever that may be.

On that note…

Lisa Loeb in what I think is my favorite pair from the  Lisa Loeb Eyewear CollectionEveryday.Cute, right? Proof you can retain and even enhance your personality without looking like an a*s or a poser.

So excited to see the release of the Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection. I am a fan from WAY back and have always felt a connection to LL that is due in no small part to her consistent ability to pull off a great pair of specs. I’m fully confident that my kindred four-eyed spirit (and fellow knitter, I hear!) can strike the right balance of comfort and style/form and function. I mean, really, have you ever seen a picture of her and thought “what was she thinking with those frames”? Glasses for people who always wear glasses by people who always wear glasses. I love it.

A few of my favorites. Doesn’t look like anyone in NYC is carrying them yet. How can that be? Can someone please start selling these so I can try them on? I have such high hopes, don’t stultify!

Take us out, Lisa…


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