Cracked Pot

Affirmation Banner: Make-Do & Mend from Secret Holiday

I drink coffee every morning. I try to buy decent coffee when I can (I love the beans from 9th Street Espresso). I make that good coffee in my old, stained, l don’t know how else to say it but, ghetto Mr. Coffee 12 cup basket maker (it doesn’t even have a timer, poor Emily).  I also have a flip phone that looked dated when it was new that I’m teased mercilessly about. I’ve had the same digital alarm clock radio for at least 15 years. I don’t keep these things cause they are cool. They aren’t old enough to be retro or ironic, they just look dumb. Oh god, and my headphones! I have a relatively new ipod (who buys a new ipod instead of just getting a iphone?) and I wander around New York City with some raggedy old headphones from Duane Reade that don’t have very good sound but are “comfortable”.

I don’t know what my deal is about upgrading. I’m not particularly cheap thrifty or especially environmentally conscious. It’s just that all this stuff works, so why throw it out?  It just seems frivolous to replace something that is still functional and isn’t all together inconvenient. I hand knit socks out of hand wash only yarn for F sake. Not exactly top of the list for practical. Make-do and mend I suppose is a good motto for me. But I don’t know. That seems more fitting to an old fashioned life in the country, somewhere without direct access to every new thing you could ever possibly want. I’m in  NYC and somehow making do doesn’t sound as good here. It doesn’t sound like rolling pins covered in flour and casseroles of leftovers and darning eggs and clotheslines. It sounds like spoiled chinese take-out and phones without internet neither of which fit into the quaint cozy lifestyle I am prone to imagine myself into. How long can you make-do and mend? (that sounded like the most unsexy  Sex And The City ever. “Socks And The City”–Ha!)

Hand knit, hand wash socks. So wrong it’s right. I’ll wear them till they have holes and stitch them right back up. Do you even care about your socks?

This is ridiculous. A while back a wee tragedy struck my FoHi apartment. I broke my coffee pot. Well, I didn’t “break” it. I cracked it in a nice wedge that traveled from the pouring notch, south to about the 8 cup fill line and back up to the rim. I think I stared at it for like 30 seconds trying to figure out if what I was seeing was real. It was. I guess I should have, well I know I should have, thrown it out. But I didn’t. I was desperate for coffee and decided to just make-do. It’s been well over a month and I’ve still been using it filling no higher than the 6 cup line and pouring from the other side. It’s comical really. Why on earth did I not just go buy a new carafe for it? Because it still (sort of ) works?

Poor old Mr. Coffee has finally kicked it. Making do this morning with a Pyrex measuring cup for brewing. I mean…

Well today it really broke. It’s beyond repair, un-mendable and potentially dangerous. Tomorrow I will reluctantly go buy a new carafe which is so dumb. I should just get a whole new updated coffee maker (suggestions?). I hate saying goodbye to the old one. I like familiarity. That’s what makes a home out of a little apartment in Queens (or anywhere for that matter). It’s nice to be surrounded by things that travel with you through life. They’ve got stories attached to them. I know it’s not good to be too precious with things, but I think it is good to be thoughtful. That’s why I like knitting. There is a built in respect for objects that most things don’t have anymore. I sometimes get accused of not “liking” technology? How can you not like technology? Of course I do. But I like old things too. And I guess that’s why I have a tendency to make-do and mend. Oh, and I don’t have a job, so…

I first saw Secret Holiday at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. The Make-do & Mend banner has stuck with me ever sense. I don’t usually love things with phrases on them (if I see one more “keep calm” variation…). But these big block letters are perfectly un-perfect(?) and they actually mean something to me. I guess that’s the difference. It’s sincere, it’s modern, it’s old and I love it. And the Hold Your Horses tote? Pretty much a battle cry for NYC. I’m kicking myself for not buying it. So good. I’m adding both to my wish list.


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