Nice Pins

Excerpts from a series of heated emails between friends:

Me: Here you go, crazy cat lady (shares links to some knitting patterns).
I knit some. So cute.

Angry Sandi: What the F?

Me: What? It’s just a cat scarf and some bobby pin cozies. I mean…

Angry Sandi: That is just stupid.  Even as crazy as I am I can see that ain’t right.  Bobby pin cozies?  GIVE ME A BREAK! 

Me:  You make me sick. Bobby pin cozies are adorable. You’ll see. 

Bobby Pin Sweater pattern by Pamela W. Allen  from Tangled 
Like tiny little fair isle sweaters. The color repeats of a striping
or self-patterning sock yarn are great for these. Any scraps really.

Shortly after our conversation, Angry Sandi came to visit and realized she was indeed mistaken. She made a beeline for Knitty City and whipped up a few for herself making Angry Sandi, very happy. Bobby Pin Cozies are adorable.
So there.

I made a set for my friend Michelle’s B-day this week. M is a non-knitter and bobby pin cozy enthusiast–which is great. I think we all know the emotional
roller coaster that is a poorly received hand knit. These are the perfect little gift. They are so easy to make but people really respond to them. You get a lot of
bang for your buck. Be warned though, they are really addicting to make.
Picking color combinations is a game of endless satisfaction–a little rush as you admire each finished pin.

I always want the recipient to feel that rush when they have been gifted a hand knit. It rarely happens that way. Let’s be real, it’s much easier for the average person (non-knitter) to tell how much you love them when you hand them a little blue box. Things bought  in a store generally have the benefit of some sort of name recognition and can trick the recipient into thinking the gift is unique–something they couldn’t walk in and buy themselves. A little sparkle of excitement and “aw, you shouldn’t have” tilt of the head before they even open it. All this is really just to say– in the presentation–a hand knit can sometimes look a little sad.

I felt like this with bobby pins for M. I threw them in box I found in my closet that was too big and they rattled around in there looking pathetic and lonely.  I knew if I stuffed it with tissue paper she’d be fishing around looking for the “real gift” and nobody wants that. Awwwwkwaaaard. No, there has to be a better way.

So, I busted out the box of book binding supplies, cut a scrap of cardboard and punched some holes with the awl to kind of package them like regular bobby pins. They looked so much more cheerful. But M is kind of a free spirit and as much as I like them on the white, I couldn’t stop. I wanted it to feel more like her. The obvious answer–collage!

We once had s’mores together at this summer camp themed bar in Brooklyn, Camp. This fun memory was stuck in my head and I went to town on the Urban Outfitters catalog. Feverishly ripping and glueing, before running out the door to meet for dinner. I ended up with “Michelle’s Custom Bobby Pin Sweater Card”. She loved it. Just a little extra effort made this little something feel extra special. “Awww, you shouldn’t have”.

Judging by the towering stack of sale postcards, catalogs and magazines piled on my table, it would appear that I love receiving junk in the mail. I don’t. But I do love to receive real mail. If only there were a way to…

Fun with junk mail from Yellow Owl Workshop.



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2 responses to “Nice Pins

  1. minkmade

    This cracked me up! 😀

  2. It’s funny cause it’s true. Thanks for reading.

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