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Ready to Wear

Oh! I can hardly wait for fall. It’s still hot here, but the sun is setting a little
earlier and you can feel the change of season start to creep in. It’s subtle, but it’s there. I can feel it.

Feeling these bags for Fall, PIXELFOLK 2011 from The Beta Version

I know there are people who don’t like making cold weather gear in the summer, but I don’t know, I just love it. I think every sweater I’ve made was cast on during the summer. I was knitting with a friend a few days ago and we both had Fall projects on the needles. As we knit away, a dueling pattern comparison rally broke out, “Have you seen the…I think I want to make it. What about this?”  “Ya, I saw that. Cute, I’m gonna make this!”… Eventually we ended up hopping on Ravelry to go through our queues, make some real decisions. We narrowed down our long lists to the best of the best and fantasized about yarn and field trips to knitting shops and Rhinebeck. And I’m am not joking–we were positively GIDDY. At one point I think I was jumping up and down and clapping. It was so much fun.

I felt pretty giddy when I first saw this Fall/Winter collection.

Under the influence, traditional meets traditional. Junya Wantanabe Fall/Winter 2011-12 Collection

Last week I knit my way down to Brooklyn on the F train to the Vogue Knitting trunk show at La Casita, a cute little LYS on Smith Street. Flipping through the upcoming Early Fall issue, we sipped lambrusco and talked of knee socks, caplets and color. It was so fun to see all the samples in person. I love to see how the pieces translate from the high fashion styling to real life. I think Fall knitting is all about fantasy– on and off the page. Hooray Fall! I am SO ready to wear my cold weather knits!

Summer isn’t so bad. Enjoying some next-seasonal knitting in the garden of Robin Des Bois in Cobble Hill–just a quick walk fromLa Casita!


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Nice Pins

Excerpts from a series of heated emails between friends:

Me: Here you go, crazy cat lady (shares links to some knitting patterns).
I knit some. So cute.

Angry Sandi: What the F?

Me: What? It’s just a cat scarf and some bobby pin cozies. I mean…

Angry Sandi: That is just stupid.  Even as crazy as I am I can see that ain’t right.  Bobby pin cozies?  GIVE ME A BREAK! 

Me:  You make me sick. Bobby pin cozies are adorable. You’ll see. 

Bobby Pin Sweater pattern by Pamela W. Allen  from Tangled 
Like tiny little fair isle sweaters. The color repeats of a striping
or self-patterning sock yarn are great for these. Any scraps really.

Shortly after our conversation, Angry Sandi came to visit and realized she was indeed mistaken. She made a beeline for Knitty City and whipped up a few for herself making Angry Sandi, very happy. Bobby Pin Cozies are adorable.
So there.

I made a set for my friend Michelle’s B-day this week. M is a non-knitter and bobby pin cozy enthusiast–which is great. I think we all know the emotional
roller coaster that is a poorly received hand knit. These are the perfect little gift. They are so easy to make but people really respond to them. You get a lot of
bang for your buck. Be warned though, they are really addicting to make.
Picking color combinations is a game of endless satisfaction–a little rush as you admire each finished pin.

I always want the recipient to feel that rush when they have been gifted a hand knit. It rarely happens that way. Let’s be real, it’s much easier for the average person (non-knitter) to tell how much you love them when you hand them a little blue box. Things bought  in a store generally have the benefit of some sort of name recognition and can trick the recipient into thinking the gift is unique–something they couldn’t walk in and buy themselves. A little sparkle of excitement and “aw, you shouldn’t have” tilt of the head before they even open it. All this is really just to say– in the presentation–a hand knit can sometimes look a little sad.

I felt like this with bobby pins for M. I threw them in box I found in my closet that was too big and they rattled around in there looking pathetic and lonely.  I knew if I stuffed it with tissue paper she’d be fishing around looking for the “real gift” and nobody wants that. Awwwwkwaaaard. No, there has to be a better way.

So, I busted out the box of book binding supplies, cut a scrap of cardboard and punched some holes with the awl to kind of package them like regular bobby pins. They looked so much more cheerful. But M is kind of a free spirit and as much as I like them on the white, I couldn’t stop. I wanted it to feel more like her. The obvious answer–collage!

We once had s’mores together at this summer camp themed bar in Brooklyn, Camp. This fun memory was stuck in my head and I went to town on the Urban Outfitters catalog. Feverishly ripping and glueing, before running out the door to meet for dinner. I ended up with “Michelle’s Custom Bobby Pin Sweater Card”. She loved it. Just a little extra effort made this little something feel extra special. “Awww, you shouldn’t have”.

Judging by the towering stack of sale postcards, catalogs and magazines piled on my table, it would appear that I love receiving junk in the mail. I don’t. But I do love to receive real mail. If only there were a way to…

Fun with junk mail from Yellow Owl Workshop.


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Summer School

I feel so spoiled having time off this summer. Spoiled and anxious. I’m just beginning the job search and this downtime is a blessing and a pit of nervous energy. Staying productive is especially important at the moment. I don’t want to get sucked in. “Everyone” says that keeping to a schedule while you’re unemployed is essential and I totally agree. So, between making changes to my portfolio site (I’ll make it public shortly) and crafting cover letters, I’m taking full advantage of this summer moratorium to really think, practice and learn more about Craft. I’m approaching this as an extension to my education, a second string to my bow of graphic design. As Old Made Design is all about craft and design fitting together, it’s important to me to practice what I preach and not just prattle on and on about it. Yada, yada, yada…

There are a couple of new things on the agenda.

First, I have some knitting projects I’m working on for Old Made that require some embroidery. I’ve been winging it up till now. Suddenly I’ve become very inspired to learn more about it both in practice and in theory. (There’s an interesting article about embroidery in the Craft Reader  by Roszika Parker).

Learning stitches rather than working from a pattern is appealing to me. It seems like a place to be a bit experimental and expressive. Much more so at this point than knitting is for me which is pretty structured (it’s meant to be worn after all) and heavily pattern based. My plan is to approach this in sort of a light, breezy manner. Doesn’t a Summer Stitch School sound like something that could produce a pillowcase with embroidered edgeing blowing on a clothesline at my imaginary beach house? I hope so. I’m in.

From the Summer Stitch School tutorial–The Burden Stitch.
“The burden stitch is a very old stitch, used during the middle ages.  It was re-popularized by Elizabeth Burden, sister to the designer William Morris.”–
The Floss Box
This would be a great way to work out color combinations for colorwork knitting. A color block blanket out of Burden Stitch swatches would be gorgeous. Hmmm. Maybe I should do that.

Here’s another, the Wheat Ear Stitch. Aren’t these sweet? I’m so excited to have a few samplers and mix and match stitches on some mittens and hats!

Next, I am seriously determined to become a real knitter. That means being able to anticipate changes, make adjustments and design my own garments. I have a serious case of Fall-itis and have a handful of sweaters that are calling to me (most from Cecily Glowik MacDonald of Winged Knits. Love everything she does). Right now I am about halfway through the Long Collared Jacket from Knit One, Knit All Elizabeth Zimmermann book. It’s sort of a dream project and I have done my best to make a few adjustments to the pattern (as EZ would have wanted) to better suit it to my giant boobs me. I think it’s going ok, but really, I could use some help. I would generally sign up for a knitting class without much thought. Even if the class isn’t great, it’s still fun to be with other knitters and you always walk away with something. But I think a shaping class is a little different and I’m reluctant to spend the money without knowing if I’ll get anything out of it.

Craftsy  offers an online class, Knitlab–Fit Your Knits I think I’ll sign up for. It’s $29.95 (from $59 this week) which seems like a good deal and is taught by Stephanie Japel. I’ve always liked her patterns. Worth a try I think. I’ll let you know how it goes. Here’s the introductory video.

Tomorrow I am going to a picnic in Central Park. A little get together with participants of a knitting class I took last summer at The Cooper Union. It’ll be fun to catch up and see what everyone’s working on. Ah, summer.


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The News That’s Fit To Print

I love the routine of  Sunday morning. Coffee, knitting, public radio. I love a Sunday morning that runs according to schedule and the ritual is not complete without a lazy flip through The New York Times. Nearly every Sunday I walk over to the bodega to get a copy. A decadent little treat I look forward to all week.  But, there are days when the ritual is preempted by the occasional brunch or inclement weather. It’s hot, muggy and pouring rain this morning. It’s gross, I have the air on and I’m pretty content pretending it’s Fall. I’m afraid that even the Sunday Style Section can’t coax the needles out of my hands long enough to run to the store. Besides, once I’m outside, the illusion will be ruined. Nope. I’m staying in for now. I’ll have to make do with an online read. Which is fine, but not the same. If it were, I probably wouldn’t be so drawn to this.

New York Times scented candle by Tobias Wong  via Co. Design “A sweet mix of cedar, pulp and other vaguely homey aromas…” 
Read about The Mysteries of Tobias Wong on The Times here.

Are papers really going away? I don’t know. I hope not. Let’s see what Ricky thinks. Ricky…

Ricky Gervais…Obvioiusly

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Happy WWKIP Day!

We’re in for a very crafty weekend! Lots going on here in beautiful NYC.  I”m headed out to Brooklyn to enjoy the break in the heat, amble around The Renegade Craft Fair (Hooray!) and of course, some public knitting. If you can’t make it to NYC in the next few hours, I’ll be posting pics from my adventures in craftland.

Everyone, keep an eye open for unexpected pops of color in cities all over. Something tells me there’s going to be a lot of this around town.

And to my fellow knitters, hope to see you all out… IN PUBLIC!

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For Eyes

See Old Made knit in her glasses (an OM work in progress)

Me in my glasses over the years. It’s been a rocky relationship.

As a lifelong glasses wearer I can tell you that for me, glasses represent the ultimate struggle between form and function. They sit smack on your face and pretty much run the show in terms of a first impression whether you want them to or not. Be they bold and flashy or quiet…understated, they always make some kind of statement. Your choice in eyewear plays a role in determining how people see you and really says a lot about how you see yourself. I’d say glasses are one notch away from a face tattoo. If you’ve ever been photographed in your totally awesome glasses, you better believe those babies will pop-up on facebook decades later with some unsolicited comments Re: your short-sighted choice.

Exhibit A:
Whatever! YOU try picking out frames when you’re blind as a bat.
And yes, I realize there are many offenses in this photo and the glasses are not singularly to blame. BUT STILL! Everyone’s a critic. 

Ok, Ok. Yes, I’ve made a few missteps. The thing is, blindly following trends has never worked for me (you like those big pink numbers?). There are people that can pull off the craziest sh*t while blindfolded and come out unscathed. I love them, I’m endlessly inspired by them and sometimes wish I were more that way.  But, I’m slowly learning that trying to be something you aren’t does nothing to instill confidence or style. I’m all for reinventing oneself , but  you gotta do it like you mean it, or don’t do it. Picking out frames is a task that requires some confidence on the part of the wearer. You need to be able to maintain a clear vision of what it is you’re looking for, be prepared to accept responsibility for  your choice for all eternity and most importantly to be yourself whomever that may be.

On that note…

Lisa Loeb in what I think is my favorite pair from the  Lisa Loeb Eyewear CollectionEveryday.Cute, right? Proof you can retain and even enhance your personality without looking like an a*s or a poser.

So excited to see the release of the Lisa Loeb Eyewear Collection. I am a fan from WAY back and have always felt a connection to LL that is due in no small part to her consistent ability to pull off a great pair of specs. I’m fully confident that my kindred four-eyed spirit (and fellow knitter, I hear!) can strike the right balance of comfort and style/form and function. I mean, really, have you ever seen a picture of her and thought “what was she thinking with those frames”? Glasses for people who always wear glasses by people who always wear glasses. I love it.

A few of my favorites. Doesn’t look like anyone in NYC is carrying them yet. How can that be? Can someone please start selling these so I can try them on? I have such high hopes, don’t stultify!

Take us out, Lisa…

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Complimenti al cuoco!

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